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I've been thinking more and more about Dr. Ortiz and the way he calls the revision surgery a "rescue surgery". At first I didn't really get it. The more I think about it, and hear from people in need of a revision surgery, or those that have already had it, the term is perfect!

I wasn't thinking of myself as a 'rescue' - but honestly, given more time, I surely would have been. My weight was creeping back on, if I had waited, I would have been feeling desperate, and probably a bit like a failure, and the rescue would have been much more serious! I would have been even farther from my goal weight, and my health would have been suffering.

I'm so glad to have a surgeon like Dr. Ortiz that is sympathetic to this need... to be rescued! There is no shame in it, all we need to do is ask for help!

For those of you out there, that have had a surgery and you aren't doing as well as expected, or you did well, and then something changed, remember there really his hope for a rescue!

Think of rich and famous people, like Carnie Wilson, that could afford trainers, meal planners, anything she wanted, and yet she still needed her rescue! Look at someone like Star Jones, she is headed back up the scales, everytime I see her on air, she seems to have gained a few pounds.

Maybe the fact that Carnie has made it so public, admitted to her struggles, reached out for help, will make it easier for all of us to seek that help when we need it.

Whether its a failed gastric band surgery, a failed bypass surgery, or even a failed sleeve or plication surgery, there is still hope, you do have options!

Don't hide because you are embarassed, and if you are one of the OCC patients that has been ignoring your follow-up program and not answering us back - DO IT! We aren't trying to embarrass you, don't be ashamed if you need help, we can't help you if you don't ask!

I'm so thankful to Dr. Ortiz and OCC for rescuing me, even when I didn't think that's what I really needed :)


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