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2 weeks post op sleeve



2 weeks out and I still feel great!!!! I have added a new shake to my morning routine, lowfat yogurt, skime milk to thin it out, strawberries, spinach, blended and drank for breakfast and lunch. I have also taken cooked chicken, green beans, added some boiled potatoes, some skim milk, mayo & butter, blended it smooth and waalah. I am drinking things that I would have said "gross" to a month ago. Oh and tomatoe soup with a little goat cheese, mmmmm taste yummy. I have lost 14 pounds since surgery,(total of 50) and I wish I had measured inches, it's like I lose, lose, lose pounds, then I lose inches for a day or two. I am going to try Yoga tomorrow, but I still have another week before hitting the zumba again. I am amazed at the little things I can do, I know it seems normal to some, like getting up out of bed without holding on to the headboard or sliding out, my feet and toes are getting slimmer too, I didn't realize their was space between my toes!!! Bending down is so much easier, and I don't fall into the chair/couch or come down the stairs without maintaining control of my legs. My husband has lost about 35 so far also, so we are really enjoying encouraging each other and watching our bodies change. He only has about 30 more to go, I am shooting for about 130 more to go. My scars are looking good, they are getting so tiny. I have days when I need a nap, but it seems like those are the days that I could pass things through my stomach a little easier, maybe its the healing process. I have forgotten a few times and drank too much at one time, notice I said a few times, you don't forget that feeling of "oh no that was too much."

On the day I can start soft diet, we are taking my daughter out for her birthday to Copelands (oh my!!!!) I have already surveyed the menu and am in the process of trying to convince my husband of what he wants to get so I can just have a bite of his. The have some really good fish and grits!!


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