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carmen carmen staying up till mornin



Got back from TJ on Monday. Jeri and I took the greyhound bus down there and that was quite an experience. It was cheap and in this recession I'm all for it! HAHA

I got an unfill and I forgot the Dr's name but he was really nice and helped explain a lot to me about the reason for my weight gain and how to get back on track with the help of my band. My band was too tight so I am completely unfilled right now. The doctor put me on a liquid diet immediately but unfortunately I ate solids for 2 days because I just got so excited that I could eat without feeling pain or throwing up. But I've been on a liquid diet for 2 days now and I feel great, just been utilizing my blender lol.

Kind of crazy that because my band was too tight i actually gained weight. So with that said the lap band is a tool it's not a miracle weight loss pill or a "short cut." Whenever I told anybody that I have a lapband they always assume i didn't have to work to lose weight and made it seem as if I "cheated" to lose weight. The ignorance out there never fails to amuse me. So I know I have to continue to work towards my goal weight and not get "lazy" because I've lost 20/30lbs here and there.


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