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I'm sorry I haven't been posting too often, my youngest is graduating Jr. High today so the last 2 weeks have been extremely hectic! I'm looking forward to next week when I won't have to wish for a magic wand so I can be 2 places at once!

I just wanted to report, that I got on the scale today, and I'm down 30 pounds so far! Lower then I ever got with my band and not even 2 months out from my sleeve revision.

I haven't decided on where I'd like to end up, I think I'll let my body tell me as I lose weight. I know the weight loss will be slower now. I'm 5'7 and at 164 - so getting close to where I'd like to end up.

My "bathroom issues" are not yet gone, but have improved some. I go back to my doctor next week to review the test results (I was hoping for this week but he is out of town)

I think so much of it has to do with stress... its now over 2 months since my husband lost his job, and we haven't made any strides in that department... so for any of you that are praying people, I would love you to include that in your prayers. I know God will provide!

That's all I have time for now, taking 1/2 a day off today so spend the afternoon getting my babygirl ready for her graduation tonight :)

In case you have any doubts... I'm LOVING my sleeve!

Take care and have a blessed day!


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