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I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm at work, because this isn't a holiday in Mexico :)

If you are an OCC patient, I wanted to remind you to participate in the email follow up program. It helps our doctors stay on top of any issues you may be having, it also helps you to stay on track!

During the first month after your surgery, you will get an email every week, then they slow down a little bit, each of them also include a seminar link once you've completed the questions (sorry, we have been having an issue with some of these, hopefully that is resolved now). As time goes by it may also ask you to have some blood work done at your primary care doctors and send us the results.

When you answer the questions, it also alerts our doctors if you need additional follow up - you will be asked to get in touch with us.

Don't ever hesitate to call with any questions or feel embarrassed about calling if you don't feel like you are losing weight fast enough, if you've gotten off track, or need some extra help. The surgery is just the beginning of your journey!

On a personal note, I have been having some "bathroom" issues still. I went to my doctor last week after having several conversations with Dr. Martinez, taking me off all of my supplements, avoiding dairy, etc - I go in tomorrow morning for some blood work and "sample collections" (yes, this is a gross as it sounds LOL) but we need to be able to rule out what this is or isn't. It could simply be that my body is taking a little longer to get used to being sleeved (especially on a revision, the stomach is a bit "rigid" for awhile, so things flow through a bit more quickly, as the stomach relaxes a little, this problem tends to go away). I'll keep you posted about how the test results come back, but I think between the stress I'm dealing with right now, plus the changes to my body, and my predisposition towards "bathroom issues" anyway - because of my IBS - it will just turn out to be nothing that some time won't heal :)

Lori's urban blog dictionary: Bathroom issues = diarrhea lol


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