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I've been working out everyday for the past 2 weeks. I've been eating healthier and I stay under a calorie goal thanks to "my fitness plan" that I'm constantly on. But the scale hasn't been budging! I feel like all my hard work isn't paying off and I just want to eat any sort of junk food I can get my fingers on! I mean I feel healthier, faster, and stronger. I feel like my stamina has sky rocketed. Several weeks ago I would climb a flight of stairs and get a bit short winded but now I can climb several flights of stairs and not feel short of breath at all. I'm just confused to as why that scale won't budge... I suppose I have to really start looking at the foods I eat and whether or not I can substitute or eliminate. I do really like dairy products and maybe that's the culprit? Everything else I eat is pure proteins, grains, and lots of vegetables. Sigh. Well I guess I'll figure it out soon enough.

On another note I can't decide when I should go back to TJ to get my fill. Dr. So said the longer the better so everything could heal. I figure I had it too tight for almost a year so maybe 5 more weeks wouldn't hurt to have myself unfilled plus I'm not going on binge eating crazes or anything. I realized I'm just never going to be one of those people that can eat whatever they feel like and not gain weight. Instead I am one of those people that just look at food and gain 10lbs!


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