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12 Days and Counting



Twelve days to go until plication. (why did the 12 days of Christmas just pop into my head?? ...12 pounds before op, 11 lbs the next week, 10 lbs week after.. ok i'm stopping now :) ) Today I went out dancing with friends at this really hip inclusive club. The music was fantastic, the ambient was perfect and there was the sweetest breeze. Every one had a drink in hand. This was my first "2 weeks to go until procedure" temptation challenge. I am not a major drinker, but I do like to social drink. All my friends and my sweetie had that vibe going. But I put some thought into this. I thought, no, no alcohal from the day I began to cleanse 3 weeks ago, and that means even at social outings. I figured, i'm going to have to learn how to deal with this kinda thing anyway for awhile so might as well start now. I ordered a cranberry on ice with lime. It was put in the same kinda vessel everyone else had so no one even knew the diference! When I was asked what I was drinking I said cran and everyone was cool with that, and 15 minutes later they'd forgotten anyway lol I felt really super proud conquering that. It seems simple. DUH, just say you're not drinking. But we all know what peer pressure is like. Permitting myself to not drink and feel content with that made a big diference in my choices and those who asked me why I wasn't drinking we're supportive when I said I was on a cleansing and needed to drop some lbs. for my health. It was very important for me to work everything out like I did totally acknowledging what I was feeling and why and then allowing myself to be who I was in that moment, a woman in process of losing weight. And as it turned out, it only heightened the ambiant.


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