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This is my first blog i thought i share my story I'm 18 years old and i'm about to be a senior in high school. I've been overweight through my teen years i don't like talking about my weight with my friends i've only told my mom and my step-dad and my aunt and my grandma about my surgery. I don't know if i want to tell my friends. i was originally going to have the mini gastric bypass in Vegas with Dr.Rutledge but i had hard scheduling my surgery with them they never answered there phone and were not a help out all they kept coming up with all these excuses then my mom text the lady thats in charge of scheduling the surgery asked if we could schedule my surgery and she told my mom there were having problems with the hospital they were with wanted more money they said i could go India and have the surgery there my mom was so mad then my step-dad said if there saying go to India why not go to Mexico so my mom had a friend that got her lap band done in mexico so she called her friend and her friend gave the information my mom went on the website and emailed them and got the information we needed and the next day i got my passport card done and then called to schedule my surgery but there were already closed and today go the call back go the surgery date august 7,2012 and did all the patient information done now i'm counting down the days till i have my surgery i'm glad my mom is coming with me she's been my rock through this whole process with the mini gastric bypass people and she had the surgery and so did two of my aunts and even my grandma but i'm glad i'm going to have this surgery so i can enjoy my senior year in high school go to formal and prom and be able to buy the dresses all the girls wear and not worry about having a hard time shopping and just be a teenager and have fun and then graduate and go to Hawaii a graduation present from my parents my grandmas idea got love my grandma lol and i get to show off my new body like my grandma said i would like if some other people who the surgery had some advice and your experience and how much you lost and did you have any pain after surgery.


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Hi I was reading your story and Im so happy for you, I was at 220 when I started and that was in March Im currently at 175 for a total loss of 45 lbs in about 5months, i just wanted to tell you that it takes alot of committment from your end and exercise at least 30minutes a day. If youre doing the band you will be experiencing very minimal discomfort and pain. I was up and around the next morning but remember not to over exert yourself and follow your liquid instructions for 21 days very carefully. So happy for you, wishing you much success.

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I am new to OCC but I was wondering how your surgery went; how much you have lost and how your personality has changed since surgery. Keep us informed.

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Well my surgery went good its been 5 months since I've had my surgery I feel I still the same person but happier and I've lost about 83 pounds so far started at 251 and now I'm down to 177 I'm so happy I had the surgery it's changed my life a lot now I can shop easier i don't have to look for xxl anymore in old navy clothes I'm able to wear a large a medium I can eat whatever I want most of time but in small amounts but the food I use to like I don't like to eat it anymore like fast food is just nasty to me now soda I don't like anymore I'm do glad I had this surgery it's changed my life for the good

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