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5 months out



blog-0090668001358358023.jpgIt's been 5 months since I've had my surgery I'm doing really good I've lost 82 pounds so far I'm wearing clothes in larges now not anymore of xxl anymore my friends and family have noticed my weight loss I'm so happy of how I look now I just have loose skin that I don't like but if I keeping working out I know I can get it to tighten up I'm a senior in high school right now I'm enjoying my year my grades are very good u recently just got student of the month for December from the social studies department I got a plague at the luncheon they had for the students of the month life is good I'm happier with my self I cut my bangs dyed my hair and I feel like a different person now I'm so happy I decided to have this surgery if it didn't who knows what would happen to me I could have ended up with diabetes I was 251 before surgery now I'm 177


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