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always up to no good...




so i'm kinda annoyed right now because in two weeks i only lost 1lb....1lb!!! AGHhh!! well i guess thats what i get because i've been eating string cheese and frozen yogurt, not getting in any vitamins or protein..and definitely not getting all my water in.. mehhh...

i decided to go through all my clothes and throw away/donate anything larger than a size large. its best to live in the present and not in the past. i'm never going back so might as well start now.

omgosh i'm so happy because i haven't eaten fast food in a whole month! i think i have more money because of it! actually i rarely spend money on food now only groceries. FAST FOOD FREE (FFF)!!!!! yippeeeee!!!

so i know how much i weigh but lately i still feel huge. my clothes fit so much better and i'm wearing clothes i used to wear in hs when i was at my lowest but for some weird reason i feel like my fat is hanging out and i look really fat but i know i'm not. the other night i ate some chocolate and that night i had a nightmare i gained 20lbs back! it was the WORST!

so i haven't really worked out..i'm just a lot more active. i walk as often as possible. if i'm at work, i'll walk on my breaks and lunches. if i'm at home i'll walk around my place or go for a walk outside. right now i feel like running up and down the stairs!! i've been feeling like that lately. like i just want to get up and do something...i guess i'm sort of restless right now. i want the weight gone and i want it gone now! i was hoping to lose 50lbs by december..i know that's a lot of weight but i really want to do it! i kind of made a mini goal/promise to myself that i was going to be at a certain weight by my 23rd birthday...i wouldn't want any presents or anything else.. or even anything for christmas just as long as i kept that promise to myself. that would be the best gift in the world!



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