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I am soo excited , just banded on July 25th



ok so i am very excited because I just got back from mexico today. I was banded by Dr. Ortiz on July 25th. I am currently feeling pretty good, but still sore from the air, and learning how to deal with things like burping. Only had some water so far and a little broth. I weighed myself when i got home and although i havent eaten anything I am still the same weight I was on the day of my surgery which is 268. Is this common? not that i was expecting to lose much yet but i would have thought a pound or 2 from lack of real food? can anyone tell me what to expect this next few days?


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remember, you had IV fluids going in during surgery and some swelling from the surgery itself... give it a few days and you'll start seeing it coming off :)

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