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End of Week 10 Post Plication



Ok. Technically tomorrow (Friday) is the end of week 10 but I doubt anything super dramatic will happen from here to there. I gained 6 ounces this week and frankly, am surprised that's all i've gained. I am still in the same place I was last week. Menstrual cycle 15 days late now (not preggers, I checked), horrendous constipation, and a lot of gas. I think I might know what's going on. "MIGHT" i've been eating laughing cow cheese pretty regularly, on a daily basis sometimes 2 times a day and while calorically it's fine, i believe my intolerance to lactose is creeping in on me and asking, what gives?? I am ok to have some cheeses periodically, but I never had them daily, and without even thinking about it, have been having LC quite a bit, so I think my stomach said that is it. That and hubby and I ate something rotten last Friday and we have had terrible stomach issues all week. So, that said, i'm just really trying to push through this and know that the scale will move downward soon as all this is passed. I've omitted LC from my diet just to check. Looking forward to week 11...

With Hope


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Hi Ana, my name is Daneen and I wanted to say thanks for blogging all of this! I am scheduled for the plication Oct. 10. I dont know anyone who has had this surgery yet, so it was very helpful to read all of your posts! Please keep them coming!

Have a great evening!


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Gassiness and constipation seem to go hand-in-hand with WLS! Cheese seems to be an excellent way to get the dairy and protein in but my hubby doesn't call it CHOKE BUTT for nothing. I love prunes, or the politically correct term, dried plums, and if I eat 2-3 prunes a day, I don't have any problem. Good luck Daneen on your upcoming surgery - I found it to be a piece of cake. I think the worst was getting in and out of bed or taxi cabs. My handsome husband and I stayed in Rosarita for a week following the surgery, did a lot of walking around, shopping, etc. Stayed on the liquid diet without any problems. Follow the instructions they give you, take your pain meds and GOOD LUCK. I've lost 34 pounds since July 2nd and am happily chugging along; staying away from carbs but when I do eat them, I have to remember to chew, chew, chew and eat slowly.

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Hi Daneen,

Thank you so much for your feedback! This is exactly why I am doing this and i'm so glad that you benefit from the read. I intend to keep them coming. :)

Hi Pam

Yes, dairy is not a friend at the moment. I went on vacation and ate at this great vegan/vegetarian place in London/SOHO, I go to this place every time I am in London because the food is so basically amazing and right after I ate there, well, EVERYTHING was moving in the right direction!! Wish I were there now. :)

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