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End of Week 11 Post Plication: October 5, 2012



Ok, I was on vacation from last Thursday, Sept 30 until just Friday so I am posting late. What a rough week! I finally had my period but it was very unusual, on and then off and then on... Also, I had a meal at my favorite vacation restaurant, and the healthiness of it really got things moving bm wise! SO! Finally, the constipation spell is broken. I have had 4 blissful days of movement. Now to figure out how to keep that going. I've read that if you bombard your body with fiber too fast you can get gassy and bloated so I am beginning today by buying fibrous fruit: Asian pears, raspberries, apples, prunes, and then will continue by cooking fiber-full dinners beginning tomorrow and hopefully that helps to regulate my body. *relief sigh*

Secondly, this started on week 8 and please do reply if you have had this experience. About week 8 I started breaking out with red spots all over my legs. It started slow, and the bumps "look" like mosquito bites only they do not itch, and are deep red. They began spreading all over my legs and then last week, end of week 10 I noticed that they began to show on the underside of my arms. I had 3 and then within 2 days 10 - 12 on each arm. I have no idea where they are coming from. I have never had this happen before and have an appointment with my Dr. to check them out but that's not until next month. I have no idea if they are procedure related or just something entirely else but I am concerned and have a call in to check this out. Anyone had anything like this?

Now, with things finally starting to move again, and having had my period, it's no wonder that I lost 5.8 lbs this week!! That's after 3 weeks of losing nothing, being backed up and no period, SO, that sounds about right. I am now at 177 and very happy to be in the 7's! Wow. I think about where I was back in July, at 221 lbs. I was feeling really heavy and uncomfortable in my own body. Now, an entire 44 lbs later I feel so much better. I have lost 3 clothing sizes, amazing! And I have lost 20% of my entire body weight! Incredible. Post plication I have lost 29 lbs and am happy with the progress. The biggest challenge has been constipation. I have to figure out a balance here.

Also, this last week I have noticed that my hair has begun to fall out in pretty significant amounts, very noticeable in that i'm finding it everywhere and can't even run my fingers through my hair without bringing some out with it. I am going to try a rinse that a friend of mine, who has not had surgery, and has had her hair fall out a lot naturally, uses. If this works for me, I will post the recipe. Fingers Crossed! To a bow-ally productive week 12 with minimal hair fall out!


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