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End of Week 16: November 9, 2012



Ok. I'm UP 8 ozs this week. It was a rough week. I got a nasty cold again and that made my bowel movements sort of irregular despite my beloved prunes. Also, because of being sick, I did not drink as much fluids as I normally do. I find it really hard to take water when i'm sick, so the drop in intake i'm sure had a hand in this up 8 ozs. thing. Then, I ordered my vitamins in enough time, but there was a backlog in the shipment of the vitamins I take, so there were 4 days where I went without. Another factor. And I had my period, another factor in weight fluctuation. Also, I think that i'm not making healthy enough eating choices. I did good for breakfast but for lunch and some dinners, I just didn't do as good this week because it was a crazy week and I did piss poor in pre planning. (that sounded peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepperish..) so all these things together made this past week a poster child for how NOT to do things. I hope that this week will be better, but I am out of state in DC and have been having to restaurant it, a thing I loathe doing. I am making the best choices possible, but I don't feel fantastic about all the eating out. I hope that Friday I see some loss, even 1 lb. will make me VERY happy considering the circumstances of this week on the heels of last week! WOW!

On to week 17.... :\


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