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End of Week 20: December 7, 2012



Wow. This week was challenging. I gained 2 ounces and i'm sooo thankful it was not more.

I weighed in every day this week, and at one point (Wednesday) the scale was up to 168!! Luckily I only count Friday's, but seeing the scale go up 4 pounds after my lean and green end last Friday of 164 was pretty frustrating.

I had my monthly which took its time falling and I know that contributed to weight bloating, I had stomach flu which was terrible. It interfered with my BMs making it sluggish to non existent, despite my beloved prunes. Then suddenly I had diarrhea and severe cramping which was abdominally painful right up until yesterday and I was substantially gassy for 3 days in a row and it was painful too. In the wars. I had to take pepto which stops/slows the BM and papaya enzyme for the gas. That papaya enzyme is awesome! I took them 3 times in one day and it severely reduced that gas. The pepto was rough. It did it's job but slowed me up. Whew!

My stomach feels calmer today but not 100% so I hope that this stomach flu will not shadow me into next week. I feel somewhat calmer today and I'm relieved that I only gained 2 ozs but definitely want to see that go down by next Friday. Onward to week 21!


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