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End of Week 21: December 14, 2012



This is the second week in a row that I have gained weight. Last week I was up 2 ozs and this week I am up 4 ozs, so I have gained 6 ozs in 2 weeks which is not a major catastrophe, but means I am not losing. That part is yuck.

I have still had the stomach flu this week. It feels like it's on its way out, but I have still had quite a bit of gas and bloat and other stomach nastiness. Also, for my birthday a week or 2 back I didn't get to celebrate so did that this past week. That consisted of going out with friends for drinks, 3 days this past week and i'm sure the alcohol stalled my metabolism.

Because it's so easy to get caught up in the alcohol celebrations during the season, I am making sure that I do not drink again until New Years Eve. I would like to drop at least 4 lbs in the next 3 weeks, totally realistic. It would be great to start the year off in the 5's for 2013! I can do it!! And ofcourse, I loved that for my birthday I was over 50 lbs slimmer than last year's birthday, I dressed up and my man took me dancing. It was fantastic. I felt so petite in my little dress. Aahhhh. :) Here's to breaking 164 next week!


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I will do Lois! Your comments are so helpful, I do this to be a guide for others because there wasn't anything really detailed when I went to do my procedure! Blessings and great healing to your daughter! Keep in touch with us

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