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Sleeve Anticipation



My Christmas present this year from my Mom will be received January 14, 2013, sleeve surgery. As soon as she said she wanted to do this for me I was so excited. I know someone who had her lap band surgery with Dr. Ortiz, then her Mom, her Dad, her sister and then an in-law all went at seperate times to the OCC for either the lap band or sleeve surgery and all were very pleased with the facilities, doctors and their surgery.

I have had no apprehension at all about the surgery. I even watch a live surgery being done and was completely amazed at how it is done. I've not been scared about going to Mexico to have this done. However, the closer it gets and the more people express their concern about all of this, the more nervous I get.

I haven't started my pre-op, 2-week prior diet but have already lost 8 pounds; which I'm very excited about, but also nervous that I won't lose the necessary weight they require prior to surgery. I'm sure I'm just worrying about what to worry about but if anyone has any support they would like to give I'd be thankful to hear it.


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Hi Raalex,

If I had it to do all over again, I would. I had my surgery for my plication in July, just 5 months ago and I have already lost 59lbs! I never dreamed last year, heading into 2012 at 221 lbs that heading in to 2013 I would be weighing 162!! I wear 9/10 jeans now and it feel so fantastic to just wear normal sized clothes, to go in to regular shops, etc. It's far too common, the amount of people out there who have negative mind sets about the phrase, "surgery in Mexico". I truly believe there are good and bad sugeons in Mexico AND the US. That is why it is up to us to look into the Dr.'s we chose to make sure we are getting the best attention and medical care possible and yet how often do we do this with our US Dr.'s? I know I hear the same kind of horror stories about kaiser medical care in the US but personally I have been fine with it. It's up to us to look into our Dr.'s and their medical practices. I know I did my homework on Dr. Ortiz. Not because he was a Dr. operating in Mexico, but because surgery is important and always a risk no matter what. I was impressed and rest assured with his world renown medical reputation. And even at that I was STILL nervous when it was 3 days away! lol I think that's natural for us to feel concerned or worried or anxious as it gets closer. I mean it is surgery. So take time to breathe, fill yourself with positive thoughts, and do your homework. Take Care! *hugs*

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You'll do fine, your in good hands. I'll be coming to the OCC on the 14th too, for a lap band check up. Maybe we'll run into each other.

Quit worrying about the pre-surgery diet, between me and you, I've never heard of anyone having their surgery cancelled because of them being a couple pounds short of goal before surgery. But, keep at the diet.

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Thanks Ana and Dolittle you have made me feel a bit better. I started my pre-op diet today. I have some questions but I guess the OCC is closed for the holidays. Perhaps Dr. Miranda will get back with me on Wednesday.

Try and see me Dolittle when you are there. I'll try and post a picture between now and then. Would love to meet you.

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Going on the 14th for surgery; 2 more pounds to be where they want me to be for surgery. I hope to lose more than the 13 required pounds to have a "cushion" so to speak. No pun intended. LOL

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Went to the doctor for my well woman exam yesterday and now I'm one pound to where they want me to be and I have another 10 days to go. I just keep saying, "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this..."

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