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End of Week 24: January 4, 2013



I'm getting a bit sloppy about posting.. and not just that.. Well at the end of week 24, on Jan. 4 I weighed in at 161.2 lbs. I lost 8 ounces from the week before but it's my sloppy holiday 'nasties' that's bothering me. I'm afraid i'm facing my first weight loss challenge. I let some bad habits creep in during the holiday season and my eating has become mental.

My means of combating this is to write it here. I hold myself accountable through my blogging. It's the thing that keeps me on track and it shames me to write how sloppy I've become. I can not let this become a habit. It would just undue all my hard work and i'm worth more than that. My health is worth more than that. So. I have come here to admit to the world that I GOT SLOPPY. And with that, i intend to make an honest start to being back on track first thing tomorrow (Thursday 1/10). I have been in the 6's for the last 7 weeks and i'm sure that I will weigh in in the 6's for this week too, so that will be 8 weeks in the 6's! That is the LONGEST that i'll have taken to get through any number yet. My admission and disgust at this is key to getting past it. I have the will power that it takes to conquer this.

Ok. To week26! (because I know weight in day after tomorrow at week 25 won't yet reflect the positive changes that I will undertake to get back on track tomorrow.


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