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End of Week 25: January 11, 2013



The post I did for week 24 was just one day before the end of this week 25 post and the change was a negative. I am up 2 ounces at the end of week 25, so that 8 ounces that I lost at the end of week 24 turned out to only be 6 ounces. I feel really bothered by my weight gains. I have now spent 8 whole weeks in the 6's! That is longer than I have spent at any other 10 lb. period. I looked back on my food journal. While I was staying within my caloric intake, holiday alcohol and the lack of quality foods I was ingesting were the total problem. I needed something to take myself out of this danger zone. A detoxifying cleanse.

What has been so bad about getting to this point is the mental hunger that it caused. I am eating at 10pm at night and looking for what else there might be and steadily pushing my caloric intake higher and higher. It doesn't matter that I'm still within the occ caloric intake, because the type of foods I am having are bad. I started reintroducing low fat pizza's, pop chips, these types of 'quick' 'convenient' foods for when I was in a rush. Also the holiday alcohol is not a good thing either. I began to have drink a couple of times a week throughout December which is a lot of caloric intake and just overall blah for my body. *sigh* a sad reminder that I just can not afford to think that way. It is a fat way of thought for me. So. I leave this drudge behind me as it is Friday and time for me to post a much more positive entry! To week 26! (again...)


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