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Hi Everyone!



So I'm new here but I want to totally put myself "out there"...I want to be here to support others in their journeys and hopefully have support for mine

My surgery date for the sleeve is March 12, 2013

My stats:

  • 38 yrs old
  • female
  • 5'3"
  • heaviest weight 262.4 lbs
  • size 22/24
  • deciding weight 255 lbs
  • currently on the pre-op diet
  • today at 250.8 lbs

I will take my measurements and post them as well

So, good luck to everyone!

Love and Hugs!


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Hope you are doing well. Did everything go smooth for you with surgery, flight home, and recovery? I am going in may to have my surgery, just wanted to hear from some recient patients that have started there new life journeys.

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My surgery is scheduled for may 3rd....I am so excited and nervous, just so ready for a new healthier life!!!! I to have had my gallbladder out, felt a lot better once that was done. :)

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