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Gallbladder Delays Surgery



Well, my surgery has been delayed. I had to have my gallbladder removed on March 1st and had to wait a full 8 weeks to recover with no complications before VSG could be performed and my son will be graduating bootcamp on May the 16th. My new surgery date is May the 21st. Who'd've thought your gallbladder could cause so much back pain! I've been seeing a chiropractor for a couple of months now and he finally said he thought it may be something else...He was right! I've been having gallbladder attacks for about 6 months and kept thinking it was my back the whole time! The last time I saw my chiropractor he said I should consider going to the emergency room the next time I was in such severe pain because it could be my heart causing it. The next time I had pain it hit me like a knife through the chest and straight to the "spot" in my back that always hurt in the past. All I could think is "I've decided to really do something about my weight and I'm gonna check out before I can!" Then they said surgery! I was all like "Nuh Huh! No you ain't! I gotta have VSG in 2 weeks!" Then they explained the risks etc...I'd hate to have an attack just when I'm about to go in and it gets cancled while I'm there! So here I am...waiting again...

In a way it was a blessing...When I told my doctors and nurses about having VSG at OCC in Mexico they didn't even flinch. They actually perform several bariatric surgeries each week on the floor I was on. There were two ladies up running laps in the halls that had just had gastric bypass...Because the doctors and nurses didn't show any alarm in what I was planning to do, my husband is more at ease. At first they seemed concerned and then when I told them all about the facility and everyone who works there they were all like "Just be careful in your travels and good luck".

I haven't taken my measurements yet...Life has been insane since I got back to GA...

I quit my job to be with my husband and we are now in TX...I'll fly back to GA for my sons graduation and then get ready for surgery. I'll recover there til I feel okay to drive back to TX to be with my husband again.


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