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Paper Work



Times have changed since I had my lap band surgery in 2007. The OCC has refined their system and added numerous patient questionaires, pre-op diets, post-op diets and etc. Back in the old days, you called the OCC and set your surgery date, sent them some down payment money and brought the rest on your surgery date. You then showed up on your scheduled surgery date,, answered a few questions, did some lab work, talk to the heart doc, talk to the dietician doc and you were lap banded.

Now, having raised their standards of professionalism and excellence, they have really raised the bar to new and higher levels. Its a win-win situation for all the parties involved. More paperwork means more info from me the patient. Thus, more info for them to make my lap band to sleeve journey a more successful one. The paperwork didn't take too long and it was easy to send via their web links. I'm hoping if everything goes as easy as this, my surgery should be a walk in the park!


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