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Almost Been A Year!!!!



I can't believe its almost been a year its crazy that last year i was thinking about this surgery now i've had it and i lost over a 100 pounds past my goal weight wanted me at 165 and i'm down to 157 and i'm so much more happier i love shopping now i went shopping for summer clothes and didn't have to get a double x instead i got a medium. I'm so glad i went through with the surgery i've inspired another people to get this surgery i'm so happy i can help people better their life i never thought that i could look as good i as do. Now my next goal is to get a job so next year i can get a tummy tuck!!! Now to start a whole new journey start college move into a new house say goodbye to my best friend who's moving all the way to texas it's going to be so hard not having her with me she's help me through so much and has never judged best for friends for life!!!!


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