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Drink, Drink, Drink



It's been 11 days since I had the sleeve revision. I'm feeling like I'm just water logged. All I have been doing is drinking. It's kind of hard drinking so many fuilds. Between water, protein shakes and brothy soups, I'm floating!


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How long do you have to on liquids? How much weight have you lost? Do you feel hunger pain? Were you in any pain after surgery?

I'm in day 24 of the post-op diet. So it's pureed foods. Don't get hunger pains. I do have gas pains,, like certain foods will give me gas, then I will release that "gas" and feel better, or its telling me I better head for the potty. lol. I'm down 15lbs from the time I started my pre-op diet. Very slow going, but I knew this would be the case since I'm a lap band to sleeve patient. I feel pretty good.

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