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5 weeks post surgery today



Well its finally starting to come off again. I didnt loose anything for almost 8 days and then finally three pounds came off in two days. I am starting to try and recognize what keeps the weight on and it is mostly weekends and hormones. I know it to be true that monthly hormonal changes will affect weight significantly but my goodness is it frustarting. I also find that on the weekends I have a much greater tendency to graze. Still only consuming about 1000 cals a day on sat and sunday which should still cause loss but I'm thining my metabolsim is changing.

I know that if I started exercising, and I mean really exercising, it would help a lot but two things inhibit me. One is I'm simply terribly busy. I know everyone says that and thinks it but I really am. I work A LOT and when i get home in the evening or at night i have my kids and family obligations. Im thinking of trying some exercise videos with my girls as they would be more than thrilled to do that with me, I just have to do it. The other is a level of comfort. I have lost almost 33 lbs now so I am certainly more comfortable just not THAT comfortable to get out to the gym and do it. I know these are stupid reasons but they are my reasons.

My goal is to lose 2 lbs a week and I think I can maintain that. It's amazing to me how I can think I am eating a bit too much when I compare that with the volume prior to my surgery. I cant help but be a bit underwhelmed when I look at loss that is slow even though I know that is the best kind. I want to wake up get on the scale and see a 5 lb loss. This may sound like Im unhappy, but I am not. Just being honest and thinking out loud. I have not had a time yet in the last three weeks where I regretted my surgery.

Ill kepp you up to date in if and when I get this whole exercise thing going!


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