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4 weeks post surgery



Well all things considered I am doing ok. I have been frustrated as of late with the lack of loss I have been seeing. While I am trying to remain positive about not gaining anything, which I have learned is more than half the battle sometimes, not losing even 1/2 a pound in the last 7 days is to say the least bothersome. I have been counting my calories aggressively and am taking in 600 to 1000 cal a day. I'm going to try and chalk it up to hormones and water weight but even with that I would expect some kind of loss. I can now eat just about whatever I want just A LOT LESS than I used to . I eat three meals a day and 2 snacks and have to admit I struggle getting in all my fluids. I can usually do at least 40 oz but up to 64 is hard for me when you eat every three hours.

I am still at a total loss of 30 lbs from 2 months ago which I am so proud of. My goal is 10 lbs a month but I will take any loss at this point. I feel better and am more comfortable so I am on my way towards my goal of not being so limited physically and uncomfortable. I promised myself I would not be so number focused but when you go through so much you cant help but want to see numbers. I know this has been worth it, for nothing other than to get myself under control. I was going no where fast but I am just holding on to the fact that as long as I lose something, (whether it takes me 10 months or 10 years) thats better then staying where I was or worse....gaining more.


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