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Waitin' for my husband to pick me up ......



So I thought I'd come on here rather than stand outside :) I'm so happy that its Friday .... I've been looking forward to this day since Tuesday when I returned to work from vacation! :D Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job -- but some of the girls I work with can be quite bitchy and it just makes for a really long day. I try not to let their bitchiness bother me but its hard.

My aunt is moving at the end of October and she's starting to pack up some stuff and give it away --- so this weekend we're getting a new queen size mattress and tv from her --- yay!! See we have some roommates and we gave up our bedroom for one of them so we sleep in the basement. That wouldn't be so bad, except, we sleep with the washer and dryer and the furnace ... and on a blow up mattress. So the bed is going to be luxury! We don't need the tv, but it'll be nice to have it though for those days I want to have a nap and watch tv before I fall asleep! Beans is going to love it too!!

I'm trying to find something for dinner tonight - something that will be easy to eat and the only thing I have with me is a Kraft What's Cooking magazine. I'm thinking a chicken pot pie would be tasty tonight. The chicken will be cut up and there is vegetables in it --- I have to start thinking of creative cooking for Devin & I .... but I think it'll be fun!

Anyway, I should go and dress for home (I have to get out of the scrubs) and by the time I do that .... he should be here. Maybe we'll stop by Walmart and see if there is DDRevolution for Wii out now --- I need to start exercising and if I can't do sit ups - I need to start doing something!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!! :-h


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