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Best choice ever!!!!!



Hello Im Angela :) I had my surgery on the 21st of January and im so happy. I should of done this earlier in life! Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez are the best. I was 321lost 21 pre op and 20 so far! 41 pounds off feels great! The hotel stay was beautiful and the people were wonderful. Was treated like a princess! On my way to my new life :)


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wow!! great progress Blondkitty73...keep up the good work.. did you have the gastric sleeve.. I do in June and am very excited but scared...how is the pain?

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Hi Angela,

I am glad to see you on here. I remember you on that Monday morning of your surgery. My name is Trisha and I had my sugery on January 17th. I spoke to you quite a bit. Your mom was nervous for you. So congrats on your success so far. I had lost 12 lbs pre op and now I am down 22.5 lbs since then. So a total of 34.5 lbs so far. I have another 12 to 23 to go. If I go by their formula I have 12 lbs to go. I feel wonderfull. I agree with you on my way to a new life. I will upload a picture later when I get home. I can not do it from work. Let me know how it is going. Keep up the good work.

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