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Questions, questions and more questions!



Well today I sent Carolyn at OCC at huge list of questions I'd compiled. Huuuuge lol. I kind of feel bad for her! I am looking into booking my surgery for the end of August/14. I wish I could just have it done next week. Once I make up my mind, that's it and waiting is killer lol. I don't know if anyone is actually going to read this or not but it's nice to have a place to empty my brain of all surgery related stuff so I don't drive my family insane :)

Here's some stats-female, 5'11", 362lbs, BMI 51, 35 1/2, northern BC/Canada, goal wt=165lbs


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I always tell everyone the same thing. Having WLS is a life changing event. Everyone has a range of anxiety. So, don't fret about it, just make a decision and live with it. There's a lot of info here at the forum, jump in and start reading. Good luck and just take a deep breath and relax.

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Hi, I'm from Kamloops. Having my surgery May 15. I have 92 lbs to lose. My motivation is to be more mobile. We love to hike, kayak etc. Beautiful British Columbia as you know is a big playground in your backyard. Originally from Sask, I just love it out here. But hiking with a backpack and carrying extra weight too is just too hard. My husband had to help me up the hill last weekend. So.... this is to my health and life of adventures. One of my nurses had this surgery 3 years ago and has kept the weight off. She can't say enough positive about her experience. I will post my journey to share with others.

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I had gastric sleeve surgery last Aug 2 and to date have lost 83 lbs. from 208 to 125 im 5'3" bmi 23 size 3/4 pants and mostly small shirts. and .I have followed the instructions to the letter and it takes about 2-3 mos for the swelling and your stomach to heal. There were times i hit a plateau but that didnt last for long. Im currently scheduled for a belt-lipectomy (lower body lift) for all the excess skin (never used spanx til after my surgery! at The Ariel Center on Aug 2, 2014 and then just one more surgery next year for a breast Augmentation and lift and inner thigh lift. Im so excited .I have complete trust in the Drs and staff at the OCC and The Ariel center and have never felt better in my life. I no longer have diabetes or high blood pressure and all my blood work cholesterol etc is completely normal. I Can only exercise in Pool or bicycling as i hav 3 types of arthritis and carpal tunnel in both wrists and hands but Im working on it.I would recommend this clinic to anyone seeking a professional and excellent team of Drs and Nurses down to the receptionist. They are awesome. I have managed to keep the weight off and only go between 5 lbs up and down but im sure one i have the next surgery i should lose some of the weight as i have alot of loose extra skin!Im available to answer any questions that I can , just message me here. Check out my profile getting ready to post some new pics taken in May and June of this year.Good luck to all ! It's the best decision I ever made!!

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I'm the same way. I'm able to research things in such a short amount of time that ideas quickly become decisions, and the wait to fruition seems like an eternity! I'm hoping they can schedule me for early August. I don't know how quick their process is.

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