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Sorry its been so long since my last blog entry, things have been very busy!

I have always wanted to take a dance class, but before I lost weight, it wasn't something I was comfortable even really considering. I can be shy, I know that isn't the way most people would describe me, and if I have a "buddy" with me, I'm good, but entering into something new, all by myself (I tried and tried to get someone to come with me... my friends were even more intimidated then I was) was really scary to me.

I kept seeing the Belly Dance for Fitness classes starting every couple of months, and I just decided to go for it, all by myself, not knowing what to expect, what to wear, how to be, nothing... I just jumped in with both feet (after some nervous butterflies were flying ferociously around in my stomach!)

That was 8 weeks ago! I'm on my 2nd round of classes now, and while I still am a total beginner. I'm starting to shake things in mostly the right direction, understand some of the moves and their names, I'm no longer tripping over my own feet, and my body is loosening up, I'm standing taller, and my abs are really getting a work out!

Some people would laugh at the notion of weight loss surgery truly changing someone's life in more ways then their overall health and the size clothes they were, but getting into better shape, not being quite as jiggly (I'm still fairly jiggly!), gaining confidence to do things that scare you... I do believe that is all a result of jumping in, having this truly life changing surgery, and letting go of "being the fattest girl in class". I only have to worry about getting my hips to go in the right direction and not shaking it so hard my back goes out... I'm only worried about having fun, trying to learn some new steps, and get my abs in the best shape ever. I'm not worried about what someone else is thinking. I'm not sure if that comes from the losing of the weight, or the fact that I took big steps to change my fate... change my health... change the way I look and that changed the way I feel about myself... I still struggle every single day to see the person on the outside that I really am now, and not the mental image that I still have of myself. I'm not sure the "fat girl" mentality ever goes away, but I am doing my best each day to over come that and live life in the moment... even if that means fulfilling a long dream of being a belly dancer (and yes, I did buy the coin belt and some special outfits to wear to class and I'm LOVING it!!) SO if you wonder where Lori is on a Monday night... she's dancing her heart out, giggling on the inside and the outside, and having the time of her life... and shakin' her groove thang (and everything else that wants to shake along with it)

What have you done since you had surgery that you never would have done before??

I want to hear from you!


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