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only love



i'm the same weight...for the past two weeks i've stayed the same weight...WHAT!?!!! ok ok i did go on this crazy pizza and chips "binge" ....i mean we were stuck in a hotel room all day filming and all they had was pizza and chips so that's what i ate....but i swear the next day i was paying big time for it..i was sick for most of that night and the next day. i couldn't believe having 2 1/2 slices of pizza and some chips could do that to a person...but i guess i haven't eaten junk like that for so long that my body wasn't used to it. so that's a good sign right?! ^_^ i'm never eating chips or pizza ever again! i'm serious. it's kind of really fun to ban certain foods. i feel like i'm finally back in control instead of letting food control me.

so me and a bunch of my friends went hiking up to these caves in the mountains on saturday. i was pretty much the only girl surrounded by active fit boys so guess who was at the bottom of the hill??? yep ..ME..EMBARRASSING....well at least mario stayed behind with me while the other guys forged ahead. by the time we got to the opening of the cave i could feel my heart in my throat! i mean even though me and mario were behind we still kept up with them. it was like a line so yes i am proud of myself for keeping up with those boys! then they decided to explore the cave by going deeper into it. some of the boys stayed behind while several of them actually went on. i wanted to go to but i uh couldn't keep up... <_< oh i did forget to mention it was pitch black because it was around 11 at night. hahaaa they wanted to go late for the scary effect. i mean i'm a very adventurous girl so i was seriously bummed that i couldn't go on with them. we didn't bring flash lights so everybody was using their cell phones as light and guess who doesn't bring their cell phone...yeah me again...i mean why would i need it? all my friends were there already. anyway after that day it gave me more motivation to keep going on my losing weight journey. next time i'm going to be the leader of that pack! those boys think they are sooo fast and tough...pshh....

mario is seriously the most caring person ever. he tries to pretend like he doesn't care but he does. i truly believe actions speak louder than words. i tend to watch people and see what they do/ how they act rather then listening to what they say. mario showed me how much he does truly care about his friends and me. i knew i loved him for a reason. :lol:

oh good news! i lost one inch from my waist and hips! yayaya!!! :lol: so i guess my body is trying to catch up with my weight...i wish it would hurry up!! so i still have clothes from when i was in high school. and i got to a really low weight in hs..but as i got older of course i got bigger and bigger but now i can fit back into my hs clothes! a lady told me the other day that she really liked my skirt and i said ha i've had this since i was 14. the most exciting part is that it's looser now than it was then!!! eep!!! yayayaa!!!

p.s. it's never a good idea to reminisce about the past and especially certain people that are no longer in your life because they are not in your life for a reason. don't ever forget that. then why is it they keep popping into my head...eh i'm probably just feeling a little bit too nostalgic.

EDIT: i lost another lb this afternoon. OMG my BMI is out of the 40's! pretty soon my BMI will be out of the OBESE range and i can honestly say i'm just "overweight"...hehee :P ok gotta go bye!


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