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Depression not a sign of weakness





You all are quite familiar with the word depression. Well it is a state of mind which consists of all kinds of sad feelings which includes hopeless, helpless and worthless. You could call depression as depressive disorder or clinical depression or major depressive disorder. In fact, in such condition you are refraining from leading a normal life. Moreover, you would see that people begin to lose interest from things once they used to cherish a lot.


Well, depression is actually a joint cause of several factors related to individual’s psychology and personal feelings. In fact, researchers have found that genes definitely do play a vital role in causing depression. For your information, depression is not the consequence of any particular chemical levels. In fact, it is a combined effect of multiple chemicals working behind this. In fact, there are innumerable chemicals which are present both inside and outside of your nerve cells and do play an important role in instigating your mood. Last, but not least it is important mention that researchers have not yet found any specific reason for depression.


First of all, you might begin to feel restless and lose hope from all kinds of activities.

• Sometimes, people get fatigued and level of energy begins to decrease.

• It has been that people eating and sleeping habits do change drastically.

• The most notable symptom is depressed people often fails to make a decision and fails to concentrate on any kind of particular topic.

• Sometimes, depression turns out to be too fatal as people affected by it often turns up with weird suicidal thoughts.


The most notable types of depression are dysthymic depression, major depression, postnatal depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, psychotic depression.


You should know that depression is definitely curable and should consult physician about the status. If you are under the spell of depression should carry out proper medications and know the causes behind it. Whenever you are diagnosed the practitioner always tries to confirm whether the condition exists in your family history or not. Moreover, you need to reveal the symptoms so that the physician should make a proper decision. The most common form of treatment is proper medication and psychotherapy. Mostly doctors do prefer to provide anti depressants to the patients.


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