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My Weight Loss Journey




Hello ... I thought I would blog my weight loss journey. I had my Plication Surgery on April 2, 2015.

My daughter had this surgery in October 2013. I accompanied her to the OCC and have followed her progress for the past 1.5 years. She is doing great !!!

So on March 1, 2015 I hit my wall with a weight of 213 lbs. On March 9th I scheduled my surgery. The nutritionist set a pre-surgery weight of 193 lbs. for me.

The day of surgery my weight was 190 lbs. With a BMI of 31.3 and my Fat % at 46.7.

I am on day 6 post op and looking forward to introducing the protein shake into my meal plan tomorrow. All has gone well so far.

Take Care ... Wanda


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Hello Again ... It has been 10 days since my first blog/post. I am down 8 lbs. in that 10 days.

Tomorrow is my last day of Full Liquids (Days 4 - 17). I am looking forward to the Pureed Food stage (Days 18 - 27) starting on Monday. I have already requested that my husband barbeque me a chicken thigh. I bought a "Magic Bullet" Single Shot to chop my chicken, etc. to an applesauce texture.

The worst part for me is the Vitaleph Multivitamin (minus the capsule). I have been adding, depending on which meal, either a small amount of protein shake, yogurt or soup to help disguise the taste. I will be so happy when I can swallow the whole vitamin, capsule and all.

I find that if I am getting hungry before meal time, I sip on more water. It seems to be working for me. I have had no problems with anything so far.

Take Care ... Wanda

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Hello ... It has been some time since I have been on the site. I am 52 days post op.

Things are going great for me. I am down 44.6 lbs. in total (21.6 lbs of that is since surgery). I am happiest about being able to being able to swallow my vitamins whole (capsule and all).

I tolerate most foods well the first time I try them. (Under cooked onions were a bit of a problem after my first bite so I picked them out of my meal after that).

I have lost all my crazy cravings and relentless hunger. Between my water intake, my three small meals and my snacks I am satisfied. I still try to have one shake a day to keep my protein intake up.

I have not had desire to have desserts which pre-surgery were always on my mind. I am so happy that I chose to have surgery. If it wasn't for my daughter who had her surgery a year and a half early, I would have never done it. Thank you Cody ... you are my rock star example of success !!!

Take Care ... Wanda

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Hi Cody,

This really a good news to you.

You loss your weight 50.6 lbs.

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