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  1. I'm afraid All bariatric procedures require a lot of work on OUR part. The procedure itself does not do all the work. It would be best if you would see your surgeon and talk openly and honestly about what has been going on since your 2014 surgery. You did very well at first, but then something changed. Don't give up - you do have options. Your surgeon is the only one who can evaluate all this and suggest the path to take. Jimmie
  2. Thanks, I know I'm quite lucky - (but I also remember Dr Ortiz telling all of us that "when they dig up graves, they will find bands" - meaning he expected the band to last forever and we'd be buried with it still in place.) Allergan said the band's life was expected to be around 10 years. I also was pretty good about following the guidelines and also never accepted an over-fill.
  3. Hello! I was banded in 2003 and have maintained most weight loss to goal, until last 2-3 years. Recent BA swallow shows probable slip and large hiatal hernia, although I have few symptoms and little trouble - only occasional reflux.. I'd love to hear experiences of those who have had a revision from band to sleeve. One procedure? Did you have hernia repaired too? Did that make it harder? How about reflux? I hear it can be bad after a sleeve. Can they cut the vagal nerve to stop the reflux? How is the hotel? Walking distance to hospital (for my husband, who
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