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After surgery symptoms before the operation?

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Call me crazy...but after reading the boards, I've noticing I'm having symptoms prior to the surgery that many posters say they are experiencing after the surgery.

I haven't had a diet soda in about a month, but I threw a party for my husband yesterday and after all of the guests went home, I decided to indulge and have one.

I took a sip or two and the bubbles set my stomach on fire, plus the liquid was so thick I could barely swallow it.

As you can imagine, since I haven't had my surgery yet, I was shocked.

But it doesn't stop there. Yesterday, I really did well all things considered. At the party, I was pretty restrained, but I did have some brie (well a lot of brie).

I read a post yesterday or the day before about mucus getting stuck mid throat and not being able to swallow it down. Sure enough, about 3 am yesterday I had a sensation in my throat that I couldn't swallow down and I thought, "OMG, I'm lactos intollerant." lol

Then 3 or 4 days ago, I woke up about 5 am (not after a cheat day) and had a sensation where liquid (my isopure which tastes like fruit juice) came to the top of my throat.

I'm also noticing (again...obviously prior to the surgery) that if I drink too fast it comes to the top of my throat.

So just throwing it out there, is it possible, maybe that the symptoms we associate with the band are really just symptoms of a healthy diet change?

Just a thought.


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That is very possible Mona. I think I've read so many boards I'm mentally acting as if I have the band. It's the Placebo affect. lol


Maybe part of it is that my surgery was supposed to have been 2/23 but it was moved when my doctor found out I planned to fly (on a vacation). All doctors are different, and mine didn't want me on a plane after surgery so he rescheduled the surgery after I return home.

That's what brought me to the boards in the first place. I honestly worried that if you had lapband you couldn't fly ever again.

I"m glad I checked the facts. lol

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