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Although I have a background in fitness and nutrition, I'm shocked at the number of posts that include many diet myths ...

including 'cutting out carbs' will help you lose weight. if anything, you'll be dropping water.

The reason why Atkins has been so successful is because with participants eating so much (more) protein and fat, they actually consume LESS CALORIES than if they were eating 'regularly'. That's why they lose weight.

While there will always be debate on ketosis, and it's result, it's recently been proven with scientific results, this as false. Ketosis is NOT the result of weight loss during the Atkins program.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a DIET.

A rule of thumb:

"If you can’t kill it, grow it, or pick it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it!"

Lean Cuisines, ect are handy, but full of artificial preservatives, and I won't get into the salt content.

Same applies for many protein/whey powders.

Learning how to prepare small meals that are full of nutrients REQUIRED to fuel your body is crucial during your weight loss period.

With the amount of exercise you'll be doing, your body need food for FUEL.

You are now eating for ENERGY.

There are many reasons that weight loss may stall, but none of them are trivial.

Unless you have a medical condition (thyroid issues, etc) there is no reason you can't figure out how to kick start it ...

Manipulation of your protein and fat intake will also play a key role.

By exploiting your body’s insulin levels via cycling your daily carbohydrate intake, you can maximize its anabolic (muscle building) and anticatabolic (muscle sparing) effects while minimizing its ability to store fat and maximizing your body’s ability to burn fat. by exploiting your body’s insulin levels via cycling your daily carbohydrate intake, you can maximize its anabolic (muscle building) and anticatabolic (muscle sparing) effects while minimizing its ability to store fat and maximizing your body’s ability to burn fat.


I'm obviously new here, but again, I'm shocked at the lack of knowledge floating around in this forum.

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Hey Lindsay--

Thanks for your input. You didn't quote the exact posts, so it is hard to know what "diet myths" you were referring to. As to minimizing carbs in the diet, there are many folks here who have lost considerable amounts of weight by doing just that. "Carbohydrate sensitivity" is a real entity for some. In addition, many folks here are very knowlegible about nutrition and have generously shared that knowledge with the rest of us.

Please be kind. I hope I didn't read anything into your post--people here are very serious about making positive healthy changes in their lives. Any and all input is appreciated.


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Everyone has an opinion of what you are suppose to do and not do, what you are suppose to eat and not eat. Everyone is different. I am VERY interested in learing about what you have to say. I would love for you to post some daily examples of what you are talking about. In your OPIONION what are some foods we should be eating. I myself am trying to stay away from the package meals, loaded with cards and sugars. I know there is a difference between bad and good carbs, However as far as the post on this forum that you are referring to, we all obviously have or had a problem with food otherwise we would not be here.

This is the biggest change I have ever done for myself and my family. I am sure there are many like me on this forum who are still learning..............


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Lindsay are you a bandster?

Some people have to factor in cost. I mean, we are in a recession & I don't see it changing anytime soon. Everytime I go grocery shoping for fresh food, half of it goes to waste & I spent a butt load of money. Hence the reason I will buy 5 for $10 on healthy choices or frozen veggies that I can microwave. I believe you must have carbs, protein, all of it & that counting calories and eating less sugar is the way to go. Anyway, there are millions of opinions on diets, but it comes down to, YOU know your body and what it needs. You also need to be exercising your butt off. I know that I need to start my day with a protein shake because I am too tight to get anything down. And by the way I have blood work every 6 months and my sodium and everything has always been normal.

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Hi Lindsay, you're new on the site so I'll give you the readers digest version of the diet discussions. The obsession with Shakes and Lean Cuisines on this site is that it is part of the Dr. recommended Pre-op diet. It is not meant as a permanent eating choice. They want us in ketosis to help shrink the liver. Once you're banded you eat a third of the food you normally would and if you can only eat a third, it better be good quality nutrition.

The limitation of carbs is not an 'anti-carb' thing but the fact that many types of carbs can not be eaten by a banded person. Personally, I can not eat rice, it just sits in my band like a plugged toilet.

Welcome to the site.


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I totally could not function without the frozen meals or my protein shakes. MOST of the time, my band is so finicky that I choke on chicken, turkey etc. No matter how tiny I cut it. I find that the frozen meals are softer than the foods I can make & at times they are a necessity. I do not eat a frozen meal everyday, but they are at my house at ALL times. As for the shakes and protein bullets, we as band patients are required to get in 50-80 grams of protein a day. (depending on what your body requires) For me, if I don't get atleast 60 I have terrible headaches and dizzyness. So, when you put everything together...sometimes not being able to eat until 2 or 3 pm, the shakes and bullets are also a MUST in a bandsters life.

Good luck on your upcoming surgery & I hope you understand now more of why we do what we do!

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Hello Lindsay,

Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure if this was your first post yet or not, but I enjoyed reading what you had to say.

I'm a big fan of fresh rather than frozen simply because my body reacts to it better.

I personally played victim to avoiding both refined sugars as well as simple carbs due to insulin resistance before the surgery. I'm finding now though that as the structure and hormones of my central nervous system are changing rapidly due to this surgery and my body will require enough calories (via carbs, sugars, etc.) in order be able to exercise on a daily basis, let alone enjoy it while I'm doing so.

Well, that's my little ramble about why I enjoyed what you had to say.

What I think might be more important is that I too would like to see more. So please feel free to post again.


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