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Another question/concern about fills

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I am really bothered that I was told 10 weeks before I could get my 2nd fill. I had my first one 2 1/2 weeks ago, and I am really starting to feel like I can't wait another 8 weeks, that's a really long time. I am not losing weight, and as the saying goes, I am using more will power than band power. However, I am never hungry. So I am not sure what to do. I really feel like I will need one next month, not May. Who should I contact at OCC to ask them if it's at all possible to get a 2nd one earlier?

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I don't recall being told how long I had to wait. I had my first fill at the OCC on 1/10/09 then I had my second fill with my chosen local fill Dr. on 1/22/09. My 3rd fill was 1 month after that. I really don't see the need to wait 10 weeks, but contact the OCC and see what they say.

Good luck.


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