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Surgery is tomorrow

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Wow...my surgery is tomorrow. I'm walking around in a daze today...numb almost. I returned from Dallas yesterday. That was a challenge. Party party party party...one after another. It wasn't a wedding it was a festival. lol

I was pleased today to find out that my weight remained exactly the same as it was the day I left. Phew! I normally gain weight or retain water just from riding on a plane...

I went to my doctor a the day before I left and confirmed I had lost a sufficient amount of weight (on his scale). Now I'm glad I started the pre op early.

My doctor has me on a clear liquid diet today. So far I've had.

1. Sugar Free Popsicle

2. Good Earth Decaf Tea (1 bag, 3 cups)

3. Herb Ox Bullion Cubes (2)

4. Light Ocean Spray juice 6 oz

5. 3 tbsp Milk of Magnesia. (Blek blek blek blek)

I was supposed to take the Mike of Magnesia at noon but I forgot. I took it a few minutes ago.

I removed my nail polish from the wedding today. I purchased an adorable pagama outfit from Dress Barn that looks like something that can be worn in public. Black sleep pants with an elastic waist with a black sleeveless top with green and pink embroided flamingos (small). We're spending the night in my brother-in-law's home tonight. He's only a few minutes from the hospital. I was told no moisturizer, make-up...blah blah blah, no swallowing while brushing my teeth tomorrow am and to only take my blood pressure meds with a sip of water. Nothing else after midnight tonight.

I am going to leave my purse and blackberry at home tonight but I'm thinking of bringing a book and a puzzle book. I took off my jewlery today so I don't forget to.

I have to report to the hospital at 6 am.

I'm breathing. In and out.


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Best of luck! I am sure it will all go great. Let us know after you are done!

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I did't have the surgery today.


I went into anaphylactic shock in the operating room. Aparantly I almost died. I'm still swollen, I look like Rocky Balboa. My doctor says it doesn't mean I can't have the surgery, I just need to go to a specialist first and find out what I may be allergic to.

Until today, I had never been under general anaesthesia...there is no way anyone would have known this could have happened.

I'm just glad to be safe. At first I thought it was a sign from god not to have the surgery but now that I've had some time to think, my head is clearer. I have a call into my regular doctor to ask advise and get the allergy testing under way.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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