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Are you supposed to be able to feel the port?

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My daughter was banded on Monday (3 days ago). The port site with the bigger incision is a little distended and you can actually touch the area and feel the port. Normal? (She thinks its cool, not quite sure if I feel the same...). Would love to know how normal this actually is. I guess I should add that she is only 15 and her BMI just meets the criteria at 30. The doctor only wants her to lose 45 lbs, so her abdomen is probably smaller than a full grown adult (if that makes any sense). She carries a lot of her weight in her lower half (maybe that makes more sense!). Thanks in advance for your help!

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TGsMom, rest assure knowing that this is soooo normal. Especially if she is thinner in the midsection. My port actually sticks out a bit. I notice it but not sure if anyone else does. And yes, you can feel it so good. The thinner she gets the more you will feel and see it. There have been people that go in for a second surgery just to bury the port deeper in the abdominal muscle, I am not sure I am going to do this though. It's not that bad. But it is always an option.

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