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gained 2 punds

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Hi all,

I don't know where to start from

I was all so happy for loosing weight,

but now I have gained 2 pounds I dont know for what reason

I started my solids 4 days a go

I am not eating anything which I am not suppose to

cup of tea in the morning

then maybe one white egg only (no carbs)

lunch I'll have a chk or beef patty(No carbs)

snack nonfat light yougurt

and same thing for dinner (no carbs)

but I'll have some Salad and light dressing

pls tell me what am I doing wrong?????????

I will start my work out from this Monday !!!!!!!!!!

b4 my surgery I use to burn at least 1200 to 1500 calories a day !!

hopefully I can get back to my work out after a month ......

any suggestions pls let me know

I will be going to Mexico for my first fill in 2nd week of April ....

I am praying that it will help me with some restriction!!!!

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I think maybe this was posted in the wrong section of the board. You may want to re-post in a more appropriate place if you want responses.

Regardless, gaining a couple pounds when you start solids is normal and nothing to worry about. In fact, through out this journey you will gain a couple pounds each month as your body and hormones fluctuate. The good news is that you will lose more than you gain! Try not to get caught up in the day to day weight but keep in focus your over all weight loss pattern.

Some people find that they need to only weigh themselves once a week in order to keep a better perspective.

Keep up the hard work and the weight will come off! Best of luck to you!!

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I noticed quite a few people mentioned not losing as much or at all after beginning solids, and I was no exception. I also gained and lost the same two pounds at least twice in the first week of solids. Once I'd begun my regular workout routine at the gym (which I have to say my body needed after this transition) I lost them for good and kept them off. What I found more interesting though was the amount of inches that keep coming off, and the strength in muscle that my body seems to be retaining due to the workouts.

Don't focus as much on the scale. I think that may hurt your perspective of the ultimate goal. Remember that all of us are becoming healthier on a whole, whether the scale wants to show that or not. This is especially important when you begin working out because the muscle and water retention with throw you way off. :) You're on target, you know that because you've got your nutrition down.

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