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Hello from Mexico

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Hello all! I am here now at the hotel Lucerna, we just love it here! I came for my 3rd fill ( i have had all my fills here at the OCC ) We have pretty much stayed in our rooms and only walked across the street to the drug store and the starbucks! There is alot of police out more than the other 3 times that we have been here. Alot of sierns all the time, not sure where they were going but you can hear them all the time. We were stopped when crossing the boarder into Mexico this time but not for long they let us go on thru. They were stopping just about everyone that came into Mexico.

We leave in the morning and it will be early so we are hoping that the crossing is quick and easy.

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I am glad to know what is going on there. I am traveling there in 20 days alone, and I am very nervous. I want to know if you are near the beach? Are there shops near by that I can shop at to get things for my kids. Just questions I have? I hope you have a safe return.


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