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Here I Go!

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Hi All,

While I havent posted much, I have read a lot of posts. I am due to get my band on the 17th at the OCC. My feelings are the typical..excited, nervous, a little worried and to be honest, while I know I am having major surgery, I am thinking of it as a vacation of sorts. I rarely get time or take time just for me and when I board that plane that is what I will be doing.

I think of all the habits that I will be working on correcting the most important one is to take the time for me. Becoming more physicaly fit, plenty of water, eating quality not quantity...its all about me. Something I really never have done. I am excited. I am getting the band so that I can live a good life with few regrets. I want to be around to see all the trouble my kids get into and all the joy and that goes with living. And yes, I will be excited to see my clothing options increase while my size decreases.

I look forward to meeting you all at one time or another. Thank you for easing my mind when it got worried, making me laugh, and educating me so that I go in with both eyes wide open about the journey I am about to start!

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Its such a freeing feeling doing what your about to do...join band land! The day I was banded I felt so much lighter and so much more free! All the best to you and congrats for making the choice to do something for YOU!

I look forward to hearing all your growing pain stories or shall I say shrinking pain stories!


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The band was my first step on focusing and taking care of me. It’s amazing; when I did that I could take care of my family and work so much better! You’re going in to this with the perfect mindset, and you’re going to be very successful with your band!

Congrats! I look forward to watching your success; make sure to take before pictures and measurements for your journey.


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If you set your mind to it you can achieve anything...We all should believe in that! We all are worth this, we are great and wonderful people...You will have your surgery and be amazed at how well the OCC works. They make you feel like you are the ONLY one getting the royal treatment.

Congrats and tell us everything when you get back =D> =D> =D>


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