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Fat people underestimate themselves!

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So, today was the day and I am celebrating big time. In Oct 2007, I had my band surgery. I started at 235. Today I got on the scale and did the "impossible." I hit 135. Yes... I am a part of the century club!!!!!

When I started this journey, and set a goal for myself, I envisioned myself at 150. I have struggled with my weight since junior high and have went up and

down. In college, I did Atkins and joined a gym. I worked out at the gym for 3 hours a day, while also working a full-time job AND taking a full-time course load. I got myself to 150 at my lowest even with my crazy workout schedule. I was wearing a very tight size 10... In setting my goals for the band, I figured

if I could ever get back there, I would be 'truly' happy. Well, I got there, and my BMI still indicated I was overweight and I could do more. So, I adjusted my

goal to 143, which is a healthy BMI for my height. And at 143, I was in a 6/8. I've been staying active, no obsessing about the food, eating normal band portions, we're big veggie eaters in our house... I start my day with a piece of chocolate in the AM, and often have a spoonful of ice cream at night... Or I

have those small ice cream cones and put a couple tablespoons in there, and that's my "ice cream cone."

When I wanted to have surgery, I did not qualify because I wasn't 100 pounds overweight. Close, but no cigar. So, I self-payed. And I never thought I'd lose

100. But as I got closer, I knew it was within my reach. And I did it. Am I "done?" Well, I am not sure. I figure my body will settle where it wants to. Iam only dropping a pound every 3-4 weeks or so, at best, so I am close to my end, but another 5 pounds won't hurt, either. I am satisfied. I bought some size

4 pants the other day. I NEVER wore a size 4. EVER. I went straight from girls to size 8. This is new territory for me. And I am loving it. I also went shopping in the juniors section and bought some size 7's. I always said "I can't wear juniors cause I have had babies and I have hips." Well, as you shed the weight you will be amazed at how your body reshapes itself.

I wrote all of this to say, we all set goals... Most bandsters say "If I can just get out of plus sizes, Lane Bryant, I will be so thrilled." But trust me... you CAN do more. And this tool allows you to live a normal life not worried about food all of the time. but you must work it. Your best friend is your doctor. Get your fills. If you're thinking about food more than you should, get a fill. If you can't eat, get some taken out. That's just as unhealthy. Sometimes it costs time or money to get your fills. But this is an investment...IN YOURSELF. You'll be amazed with what you can do.

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