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gained few pounds !!!

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Hi all,

I don't know where to start from

I was all so happy for loosing weight,

but now I have gained 2 pounds I dont know for what reason

I started my solids 4 days a go

I am not eating anything which I am not suppose to

cup of tea in the morning

then maybe one white egg only (no carbs)

lunch I'll have a chk or beef patty(No carbs)

snack nonfat light yougurt

and same thing for dinner (no carbs)

but I'll have some Salad and light dressing

pls tell me what am I doing wrong?????????

I will start my work out from this Monday !!!!!!!!!!

b4 my surgery I use to burn at least 1200 to 1500 calories a day !!

hopefully I can get back to my work out after a month ......

any suggestions pls let me know

I will be going to Mexico for my first fill in 2nd week of April ....

I am praying that it will help me with some restriction!!!!

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Cheer up, your doing so well! Just think about what you would have eaten prior to your surgery, prior to being on the pre-op diet for the day! You are a superstar! You are down 12 pounds and have kept that off. Maybe you haven't had a BM in a day or two, or maybe you ate something with a little bit more salt than normal, or maybe your body is in shock and is wants to hold on to everything it has! there are so many reasons.

Take it one step at a time, one meal at a time. Get the meal thing under control (which you do) and then work on getting exercise under control and into your routine. Then work on cleaning out your old clothes from your closet and then...and then...before you know it your will be down 12 more pounds and looking and feeling great! I didn't lose any weight between my surgery and my first fill, and I still don't have any restriction from my first fill, so i am looking at the non scale victories to keep me motivated like having to buy smaller clothes and being able to walk my puppy without huffing and puffing! Keep a smile on your face!



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Hugs to you. I used to be a weight loss consultant for a nationally known vendor and if I was your consultant I'd tell you to ignore the scale.


I need to find a document is wrote a few years ago. It was called "100 reasons to ignore the scale"...trust me there are hundreds of reasons your scale may not reflect your progress.

The only numbers that matter are the ones you put in your food diary. If you're following the program your doctor gave you the way it was designed, the scale WILL catch up to you. I promise.

For giggles, I'll give you an example. I had a client, an adolesent client as a matter of fact who had about 100 lbs to lose. I met her about half way through her journey. She came in, weighed, didn't lose, I think she may have gone up a pound. It was obvious she wasn't worried about the scale and I could tell by her journal she was following the program the way it was designed so when she left I took a good look at her file. She had a definate pattern. Her pattern was, she'd lose weight the first and second week of the month, gain the third and flat line the fourth. Frustrating? Well not really when you consider she'd lose 7 to 10 lbs the first two weeks of the month.

I looked into my own pattern recently because I was getting frustrated and I found my body has a pattern as well. My pattern is week one, drop big, week two, gain 3 lbs back (almost always 3), week three lose 1 to 3 of the 3 lbs I gained, week four flat line. I figured mine is based on my cycle. The moment my cycle is over if I'm following program I'll lose a big chunk, and then as the month goes on (always about 15 days before my cycle begins again) I'll begin to pick up water.

Hang in there. Give yourself a big pat on the back for sticking with program and when the scale catches up, it will catch up big time.

Trust me.


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