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Excersize after surgery

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Hello, I am scheduled for surgery on March 2! I am curious about how quickly I will be able to get back to my normal routine. Specifically, how long until I can do cardio/weight excersize? Also, any tips on what I need to bring with me to TJ?


Monica :)

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Back in April

When Dr. Ortiz had a different nutritionalist, I was told I could start exercising after the 6 weeks, once I was on solid foods and my incisions were heald and my band and port were set in place..It may be different now I do not know..

Things to bring to TJ

Gas X

Liquid Tylenol.. A good book

comfortable clothes ( loose fitting)

I also took some snack for my travelling companion( husband)

also took some water and gatorade , both will be provided however but wanted to make sure I had enough

Good Luck on your upcoming surgery!!

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I am not banded yet (March 24) but I am a planner so I have been gathering a list from everyone I come in contact with and I will share it with you...

So far, I heard some good things to bring/pack/do/tips/advice though.....

carmex/chapstick, a bra with no underwire, a portable heating pad, robe, comfy slippers, crossword/game/puzzlebook, shave your legs before surgery day as you may not feel like bending over for a bit, take plenty of small bills for tipping, slip on shoes for the ride/flight home, have a wheelchair arranged for on the way home with the airlines (this can be done at the baggage check in or ahead of time), very loose and cool light clothing, your favorite pillow/stuffed animal, your "fat" picture to remind you of why you are doing this, small picture book of family/friends, have your friends/family call you as cell phones work intermittently, digital camera and journal (document it! even if you feel icky, you will be glad you did), leave valuable jewelry at HOME, in self pay make sure the check is not a personal one but a US cashiers check from a bank, ALL of the things that Shell suggested (tylenol, gasx chewables/mycolin drops, comfy clothes, hubby snacks)

Hope this helps..... (I am a bit of an over achiever I think when it comes to planning)

if you send me a message at sunsetsandstars@juno.com I can keep updating you as my list grows...

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Thanks for all of the info!!! I am leaving on Tuesday for my pre-op and am having the surgery on Wednesday morning!!! I am nervous, but mostly excited and ready! I have been checking out LapBandTalk.com quite a bit and have found tons of useful information there as well! Keep me posted on that growing list of yours! My email is jb1744@aol.com



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Here are some exercise tips that were sent to me by several banders all over the place.... I thought I would share them with you! They are very creative!

I have gotten A LOT of private message (about 15 emails and pm's!!!) suggestions as well (guess they don't want to post here?) and thought I would share them with you all. I think some of them are quite creative and "free". Since self paying for this surgery I definitely need some creative and FREE things to do. Some of them were REALLY creative and I thank everyone that messaged me their suggestions!!! These are other peoples suggestions, but since they PM'd me I guess they don't want their identity revealed? So all of these suggestions I guess are anonymous, but they sound GREAT!!! And now to share their creativity with all of you.......

1. Walk the dogs. (and if you don't have one, ask your neighbor if you can walk theirs!)

2. Park your car in the farthest available spot. Not only do you get the exercise walking into the store/mall/whatever but your car won't ever get dinged. (this one is my favorite!)

3. If you have stairs in your house, climb them! Up down up down! (the person that messaged me said that when she does laundry, she puts a load of clothes at the top of the stairs, then has allowed herself to take ONE piece down at a time, therefore having to do the "stairmaster" while getting house chores done, she says it is fun and makes a game of it and the break from the bottom of the stairs to the washer allows her to "break" and get her breath back)

4. Mow the lawn(great for legs/arms), pick weeds (good for legs but don't use your back!), gardening (great for upper arms)

5. Wax the car (great for arms/back/shoulders) Wax on.... wax off...

6. Mall walking (it is free, comfy and lots to see... and I guess there are actual mall walker clubs you can join!)

7. Hiking in woodland trails, nature trails or mountains (each city or area should have maps, check with the visitor center)

8. Bicyling

9. Pilates at Home

10. Using a chair for lifts/dips/pushups

11. Play mind games... for example, you tell yourself that the mailbox at your driveway but you are not "allowed" to get to it except by approaching from one side or the other therefore you must walk around the block to get to it. (yeah, this one seems a bit strange to me too but hey, if it works, I appreciated the suggestion!)

12. Jumprope

13. Fly fishing (I was like whaaaaaaaa? when I first saw this but then they explained all of the upper body strength it needed and I was like, oh.)

14. Sweep the sidewalk/driveway. (It gets you moving and uses upper body for the sweeping motion as well as cleans off your driveway! Once you are done, you are wanting to do more!)

15. Go to Vegas baby! Walk the strip and people watch!!! (woo hoo, I like this idea)

16. Never take the elevator, use the stairs! No matter how high, tell yourself you are not to take the elevator. (this person also said he uses this with money: tells himself he is never allowed to buy or pay with change, therefore spends $2.00 when something is $1.10 and gets .90 in change, then pockets it in a change jar and has booookooooo bucks at the end of the year and buys himself something he wouldn't normally have spent the money on!)

17. Visit the botanical gardens/nature centers/zoos etc....

18. Vacation while you exercise!! Pick places like the Grand Canyon and hike down. (this one didn't exactly sound free to me though lol )

19. Stand or walk in place while watching TV.

20. Volunteer. It may not be all out exercise but you get out and get moving just by volunteering and you do something for others. Habitat for Humanity is one volunteer organization that will really exercise you while doing something great for other people in need! (i love this idea too!)

OKAY... well that's all I have for now. All were GREAT suggestions.

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