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Anyone had surg. in Mexico by Dr Ortiz?

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Hi there ! I'm new here, I just had my lap band done with Dr. Ortiz, last monday, June 22. I am so impressed with Dr. Ortiz and the whole staff, they are so organized and take such great care of you . It doesn't stop with just the office, and surgery staff either ! The Driver that picks you up, as well as the Marriot hotel staff, everyone is great !

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Has anyone had there surgery in TJ by Dr Ortiz. I am a self pay person and tring to find the best doctor. Elissa ^_^^_^

Hi Elissa,

I also was a self-pay and was looking for the best doctor to do the job. On the referral of my Bariatric surgeon up here, I made the decision to have Dr. Ortiz do the surgery, and I was so pleased with whole experience.

When I was down there for my surgery, the OCC, itself, was spotless, and I was so impressed with the decor and the staff who took such good care of me throughout my stay. Dr. Ortiz, himself, is very down-to-earth, and took the time with me, right before my surgery, to answer any questions I had regarding the procedure.

As no one was available to go with me, I was alone on my journey down there (from Canada). From the time I stepped off the plane in San Diego and met the shuttle driver (who would take me back and forth to the OCC), I felt very much cared for and was treated with the upmost of respect. I was pleasantly surprised at the feeling of warmth I encountered when I first entered the OCC rooms, especially the operating room.

Dr. Ortiz and his staff are caring, professional and definitely up to International medical standards. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ortiz, his staff and facility to anyone who is considering having a lap band procedure.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me or post any of your questions on the OCC site.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Elissa ~ I, too, was a self-pay for my surgery. Also, my son, his wife, her sister, and my grandson. After a lot of research, we come to find out that Dr. O trained the US drs...so why would I go anywhere else but to the source? He is amazing! He made the surgery seem like a breeze and truly, it was. If I had to do it all over again, I would go back to him in a sec.

My hubby went with me to 'tour' the clinic and was totally surprised at the cleaniness of it. To be honest, I've never seen a US hospital looked half as cleaned, well informed, knowledgable, pleasant staff, and the aura of being safe than at OCC. I chose well for my experience. I was literally waited on hands and foot and I didn't have to worry a bit. I recommend Dr O and his staff to everyone who is considering the lapband surgery, as he can make your experience a memorable one! But you won't satisfy yourself until you've done all your research yourself...and you will see why we chose Dr. O.

Good luck with your research...Jazzy!!

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yes, Dr. talented and gorgeous did me too!

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