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Port Pain with Intimacy

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Before I begin let me warn you that this is about sex. If you are offended by this topic don't continue reading, but this is important to me and I could really use some support.

I've been banded for 17 days and last night the husband and I did the deed for the first time since surgery. It was quite uncomfortable for me. No matter who was on top, if our torsos were touching I was in pain. It felt like my port was being shoved under my ribs. We managed in other ways, but will it always feel like this? Did my doctor put my port in the wrong spot? If I'm standing up my port feels fine, but when I tie my shoes, bend over to pick something up, and apparently when I have sex my port digs into my ribs. Is it too soon? Will this pain go away? Is it possible for them to go in and move my port? This wasn't something I thought about before getting banded. Give up sex to be thin? Does this happen to everyone?

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Give it more time, not that you can't do the deed, infact in time the deed will be even better! Ha! I can't remember that but I can remember shaving my legs for the first couple weeks and the right leg no prob the left OH MY! to bed on that side like you said it felt like my port was hitting my ribs, and believe me nothing has hit my ribs in a long time, they are well padded! Hope it gets better!

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