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HAHA! New Classification - Guess its a good thing!

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Well I am officially no longer "Morbidly Obese" according to my BMI. Now I am just "Severly Obese" LMAO!

According to the calculator I will still be classified as "Overweight" at my goal weight! lolololololol!!

Just kinda funny the way the medical world looks at us! Even though I will be at the lowest possible weight for me not to look anorexic; I will still be considered overweight. Oh well at least I will be hot!!

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That is awesome congrats!!! That is the one thing I hate about BMI though - when i get to my goal weight, it still says that i am overweight - WTF!? Just makes no sense to me. To be "normal" I have to be between 119-123 and that is NEVER gonna happen sorry!

Keep up the great work!

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