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First Fill

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I got my first fill yesterday. 1.5cc. I'm not a fan of needles so I was kinda anxious about it. It wasn't any different than a regular shot though. I survived. I drank some cold water on the way home and could feel it. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, just noticeable. I picked up a chicken quesadilla last night and took a bite-oops!! First off it wasn't my food, it was my daughter's so I had no right picking it up and taking a bite. That's a really bad habit that I'm in the works of breaking. Second, it got stuck where I imagine is right on top of my band. I had to go make myself throw up. I was miserable for the next half hour or so. That's what I get for taking food from a child. I haven't eaten since the fill. I got filled at about 6:00pm, messed up with the quesadilla, and now I've only been awake for about 45 mintues. I'm drinking my coffee just fine. I'm going to go make breakfast in a few.

So I've been on regular food for about a week since ending the liquid diet. The mental hardships of the liquid diet have gone away, and are replaced with me constantly telling myself to SLOW DOWN. I took an asprin for a headache the other day. I was a little nervous, but it was fine. I've been told to stay away from extended release pills and gelcaps. I've been out to eat twice with friends. For the first time I was not the first person finished eating. I didn't even come close to finishing my food. It was a little strange ordering different food than I would normally get, like a salad instead of a burger, or not eating the complimentary bread. The first time out was at McDonald's. I don't like taking my daughter to McDonald's. It was a play date with my mom group, and in Kuwait you can't play outside on playground equipment during the summer or you might melt to it. So you can either pay for your kids to play at the mall (but my daughter is too young for that), or you can play at McDonald's for free. I was nervous about going. I ordered a grilled chicken salad with light vinegarette dressing. I'm a ranch dressing junky so the light vinegarette was a struggle just to order. I split my salad with my daughter (she ate all of my chicken), I got her an OJ and a water for me. After watching my friends scarf down their double cheeseburgers, fries, and a couple of nuggets from their kids I felt really good about my light vinegarette dressing. I didn't finish my salad. It was really good, I just got full. Then they all got ice cream and I wasn't bummed out at all. In fact, I was doing a little dance in my head. The next time I went out was to an arabic restaurant and the way you order is by getting a little of this and a couple of these and they have a lot of complimentary food so your table is always packed. Like your own little buffet. I ate a lot of veggies, and a few little bites of grilled chicken breast. I was perfectly content and full, and my bill was half the price it usually is.

I'm not working out as much as I should. I don't have an excuse. For a few hours during the day I close myself off in my room to do school work. The nanny watches the kid for me so I can concentrate. I moved my eliptical machine into my room thinking I will work out while the nanny is here because my daughter wants to ride the eliptical machine when I'm on it. It's been in my room for a week. I've been on it once. I did 30 minutes though which is something I haven't had the motivation to do in awhile. I'm looking at it right now. I haven't been swimming any laps in the last week either. I did walk 5 miles the other day. Do I burn more calories if it's hotter outside? So since I've started back on solids I haven't exercised much and hmmmmm...the scale has barely moved. I knew the weight loss was going to slow down when I started eating. I realy need to get off my ass. I think I'll go swimming.

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Sounds like you had a great fill! And I understand the feeling about feeling so good about what you are eating. I was out w/ friends the other night and could have gotten some bad stuff but got fish instead and it felt really good! My issues lie when i'm eating alone and there isn't anyone watching to see what i'm ordering. That is when I tend to be bad! :angry:

I hope your restriction keeps up! And don't worry - I didn't work out for the first few months but once some of the weight started coming off my motivation to work out increased as well. You will get there!

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