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Muffin Topping

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When a person "muffin tops" they may have no symptoms except being able to eat more and more.

If you have been banded for a few years, it is best that you have your band checked under fluoro. A diagnosis of GERD or reflux can usually get your PCP to order one. However, realize that most "non=Bariatric" doctors may not recognize a problem. If they are able, ask them to email the study to Dr. Ortiz. Some places can give you a CD of the exam. You can then either send it or download it to Dr. Ortiz.

If the muffin top isn't too bad, taking out your fill can usually drop it back down into place. Usually you are unfilled for a month, rechecked and then start with slow fills. Your pouch is like a balloon. Once it is stretched out of shape, it is easier to do it again. There is a place on line you can find called "5 days pouch test". This is a pretty good site to get you back on track. Eating your Bandster Portion and nothing else is the only way to prevent muffin top. Don't test your band. Saying "I can eat a whole burger" or "Sub sandwich" is just setting yourself up for problems. Stay away from the whites...bread, pasta, potatoes and rice especially. Testing your band with non bandster foods is only hurting you.


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